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Mountain Mike's Pizza


A family fulfills the very basic need of humanity and has a purpose to make you feel welcomed, appreciated, and wanted. At Mountain Mike’s Pizza, located at Alum Rock, we always believe that our customers are like our families. We don’t just put food in cheap bags and serve it as a fast food place. We provide welcoming environment for every age, so one can enjoy quality time with family and friends. At, The Mountain Mike Pizza, you will experience the finest customer service that is rarely seen among other restaurants.

To gain our customers' satisfaction, we do our best in making pizzas as good as they can be and on enhancing the customer's experience both in store and on deliveries. Our customers are our first priority. Each customer is a unique opportunity to provide outstanding service. We have an open door philosophy; if you should ever feel you have not been treated in the best manner possible, please contact us immediately. We value our customers' opinions - both good and bad.

The first Mountain Mike's Pizza Restaurant was opened in 1978 in Palo Alto, California. The idea was simple - provide high quality, custom-made pizza using only the freshest and finest ingredients available.

What started over 30 years ago as a single pizza restaurant with a casual, family-oriented atmosphere is now more than 100 stores strong, and one of the fastest growing franchises in America.

Mountain Mikes at Alum Rock


Mountain Mike Alum Rock of San Jose opened its doors in Feb. 2007 and quickly became East San Jose's most popular family pizza joint.

Sold to a local family in March 2008, the restaurant underwent some needed renovation including the paint and decorations, improved game/event room with two 62" big screen TV, video games.

In addition to the physical renovations Mountain Mikes Alum Rock Ave. has also expanded delivery hours, offering delivery open-to-close, and more than doubled the number of delivery drivers on staff at any given time - Our goal: to get it to you hot and fast.

If you haven't been in lately stop by and have a pie - You'll love what we done with the place.

Upcoming Events

Fundraising night:

SJSU / NHU Eagle Brothers - 03-24-10

Alum Rock Little League - 03-25-10

Mandela Childhouse Pre School - 03-29

AUTISM Awarness (YB Post Senior Class) - 03-31-10


Classic Boxing Night -- 04/06 - 6:30pm





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